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Travis Haddix

Cleveland Blues Hall of Fame Inductee

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Ring On Her Finger, Rope Around My Neck
Product Code: Ring On Her Finger, Rope Around My Neck
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Haddix sings and plays lead guitar. Interestingly, the album basically features two bands backing Haddix on different songs. Three songs were recorded in Atlanta and Forsyth, GA, with a band comprising Rick Hinkle on rhythm guitar, Steve Crawford on piano, “Big” Royal Joiner on keys, Marion McFarland and John Haamid on drums and Pondexter Evans on bass. The horns were supplied by Jeff Hager, David Ruffin and Tony Fortunato. The remaining songs were recorded in Brunswick, Ohio, with Brian Hager on rhythm guitar, Gil Zachary on piano, Don Williams on organ, Ed Lemmers and Lonnie Crosby on bass and Jemery Sullivan and Vernon James on drums. The horns feature Tony Fortunato, David Ruffin and Scott Tenney. And, while Haddix produced the seven songs recorded in Ohio, Chuck Willis produced “Jodie”, “Doctor Doctor” and “Patience With A Purpose”. This is a mature, intelligent blues album packed with clever songs and fine performances and is warmly recommended. - Blues Blast Magazine

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